L’Alveare che dice Sì

An online platform that brings together in a network consumers and local producers, so that local, healthy and fair food is available to all

The societal challenge

All too often our food comes from far away, has no link to the territory, the season or the traditions of our homeland, and involves a long chain of intermediaries

The solution proposed

Alveare che dice Sì is an online platform (a beehive) that allows local farmers to sell directly to consumers, without intermediaries and at the right price. All within an average distance of 40km. Abeehive is a community in which the members shop online and meet regularly to collect their purchases directly from the producers. The Alveare che dice Sì is not an intermediary; it does not sell, but is a service that creates a network of subjects who would otherwise not meet, creating value for both.

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Paola Tamma

Claudia Consiglio

Domenico Rago

Claudia Bonato